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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Fashion Style from Africa

   African Fashion Week recently took place in London, where famous and emerging African designers have had the chance to show their creations on the catwalks in front of an international audience. The colours and patterns of Africa are now becoming a must in the world of fashion and African prints have also been used by large fashion houses for their own line.

The idea of organizing an international event for the African fashion designers came from the need to increase the worldwide popularity of African fashion on the runway, however, catwalks are not the only place where fashion is set today. Cyberspace is the new frontier. Bloggers and vloggers are setting fashion trends every day and fashion victims can find the most in vogue garments online. Check websites like tradestable.com.ng where you can buy and sell clothes and accessories to create the perfect look and follow the latest trends.

African fashion is not only about international catwalks, but it is also ethics and equal opportunities. The Ethical Fashion project aims to support poor communities in Africa, connecting them with fashion houses and distributors from all over the world. People involved in this program sew clothing and create accessories that will be sold in high-end boutiques in cities like Paris, London and New York. In return, they get paid and have the chance to improve their life: 90% of the workers have been able to improve their homes and 85% of them can provide better food for their families.

With their tips on fashion and how to dress up for any occasion, bloggers and vloggers are helping African designers to get the recognition they deserve and become popular in the rest of the world. African clothes and prints are being shared on the Internet like never before, making people see and appreciate African designers’ work, through the words and pictures of young and glamorous users.

                                  ~Post written by Sade Adebayo~

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