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Sunday, 10 August 2014

African Fashion Week Toronto 2014 Part 2- The main event

My beautiful people! Time is short and the pictures are many so I'll keep it short and sweet.
African Fashion Week Toronto is giving me so much life right now! Just when I thought there could be no more designs I had never seen, these designers come and show me "You ain't seen nothing yet!"

  My designer,  Miss Beida fashion, whose Dashiki fabrics you love so much, won the award for Best student designer! Yay! 
 ZnaK, the amazing Cameroonian designer with whom I also collaborate also presented a new collection!
 I was able to go backstage, chat with some designers who came all the way from Botswana and Eritrea and take loads and loads of pictures. It's amazing how much talent we have right here in Toronto as well as back home.
Without further ado, here are some pictures!

**I apologize in advance if I mix up any designers' names! There were some changes to the schedule that I tried to take note of but to err is human. Do correct me if I am wrong somewhere!**

Yvonne from The Kaleidoscopian was in attendance!!

 I couldn't resist these! Guess which one I got??

                   Kuwala bags

Kwesiya clothing and a lovely Cameroonian designer for the home decor.

The lovely Veronica from Kuwala Inc and I.

Front seat goodies!

Miss Beida's collection

The judges (Michael Turnball and Chine Designs) and our hostess, Angelina.

The winner and her model!

Kwesiya Clothing was up next.

Then we had Intermission...so I headed backstage and then went to grab a bite to eat!

Yummy-smelling home-made natural hair and body products! Got some free samples I can't wait to try!

Anddd we were back..
Hello photographers! :)

Revamped Kuts all the way from South Africa was up next!

Our very own Alek Wek :)

Isn't it amazing how a man can sew women's clothing with such precision?

Kadeem Faustin was a model last year and this year came as a designer! He was inspired by last year's show to start his own line! Amazing right??

The designer!

Boitumelo Seboko

Farida's Style- the only designer to receive a standing  ovation!!
 A $15,000 jacket right there!
Embellished in |Swarovski crystals.

 Can't you see Michello O wearing this pearl jacket?

The designer!

More intermission and ZnaK was kind enough to offer me a quick change!

Andd we were back!


Miss Beida


Last but not least, Black Trash clothing from Botswana!

The organizers ripped the runway.

andd it's a wrap! Whew

Until African Fashion week Toronto 2015.


SKinny Bish
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