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Friday, 29 August 2014

The truth behind fashion blogging-Bloopers edition

 Fashion Bloggers, how do they do it? They look so poised and graceful and cool and always ready for the camera. It always seems like there's a photographer hiding in the bushes taking perfect pictures of them with their nonchalant looks and 6-inch heels...WRONG! 

I'm here to let you know and see that blogging is NOT as glamorous as it seems! I mean sure, some bloggers are professional models and extremely photogenic but that doesn't mean that all of their pictures are usable!
 I am speaking from experience when I say blogging is work! Both in front of and behind the camera. Now imagine blogging and taking your own pictures-that's double the work because you have to know your angles, distance from the camera and also learn to time all your twirls! Let us dive deeper into this topic shall we?

1) Out of 50 pictures, I find about 4-5 that are usable on the blog.
To be honest, if I am going to do a full outfit post, I'll take at LEAST 75 photos, that way I know there must be at least 5-6 pictures I can use on the blog. It's quite frustrating when you go through the pictures and realize a perfect shot was ruined either by a leg being cut off or an arm looking like it was not attached to your body. I will usually crop the picture to make it look like I took a partial shot on purpose ;) Hihi
To put your best foot forward, you need to be selective!
These shots for example are mistakes- I mistakenly cut the top of my head off, but made it look cool, lol 

2) Taking your own photos is a blessing and a curse.
I love being able to take my own photos because well, I like to get up and go, not have to wait for someone to get ready or tired or hungry etc. Before I started taking my photos, I would either have my friends take my photos and occasionally pay someone $30 to take my photos. She was really good and an amateur photographer I found on kijiji, haha. After I got my tripod and remote control, I gave her the deuces and started managing on my own. I have learnt my angles and have become even faster than when my friends take my photos! 
1 of the downsides is there are certain angles that are almost impossible to capture on your own and certain settings that are disabled when you use a remote control. 

Sometimes some post-picture editing has to be done when your neighbors decide to sit and watch...

Moreover, sometimes you got that perfect shot and then when you're editing, you realize there's something that makes the picture, well, not-so-perfect.

Also strangers feel like they can approach you and interrupt your session or worse, random guys think you need help and of course, their number as well, in order to keep going, lol. I tend to carry my business cards with me so would just hand then out of a stranger becomes nosy/inquisitive. 

3) No one walks around in 5 inch heels all day.
Are you kidding me? Ain't no one got time for that! Whenever you see me in my heels, it's usually just for the picture and then I'm right back to my flats which are always close by. Unless I'm at an event, I'm walking around in flats with a pair of heels in my bag most often.

4) It gets hot and sweaty and very awkward...
Ugh! You remember that outfit with the yellow Zara midi dress below? I thought I was really going to burn my toes off! Never mix leather heels under a hot summer day= BURN! I had to sweat it out like a champ though. 

Sometimes someone is staring at you while you're struggling to not have all your make up melt under the 40 degree sun and you just want to take your heels off and run to an ice cream truck!
Oh and did I mention there's lots of "laughing to myself when no one is really there" photos?

5) Twirling photos are a pain in the behind.
For every 3 twirling photos you see of me, at least 20 shots were taken. Do you know how hard it is to get a perfect twirl? You have to watch: your facial expression, make sure the entire outfit is in frame, watch out for your leg position or else it'll look like it's dislocated and falling off your body. Then you have to beware of your hair, and the outfit itself! Yes, it's work! 
KT from KTRstyle can also relate to the twirl woes.

Here's a look at some of my twirling shots that never made it to the blog:

6) It takes me about 20 takes to get a good "I'm so cool and stylish and was totally just walking when this shot was taken by a random person" photo.
"Walking photos" are usually taken at an extremely slow and un-real walking pace or else the photo would be a bit blurry and less model-esque.To be honest, 80% of my nice "walking" shots are totally by luck. There's lots of sudden pant pulling

I tend to attempt mine by leaving my lips slightly open, lifting my chin up a little and extending my hip in each step, then I hope to get that one shot like this:

and there's also no-neck flat-bum shots...

7) Most bloggers take several outfits on the same day.
Hey, this is the raw truth, especially for someone like me who lives alone. I don't have time everyday before or after work to take outfit photos and I don't even wear makeup everyday!
It's easier for me to sort all the outfits I'll wear during the week (and sometimes 2) and just take all my pictures on 1 day and then release them throughout the week.I know I'm not the only one who does this as Fisayo of Mirror Me has admitted to doing same and even put a picture on her Instagram page HERE showing the in-between outfit change shots. 

Stella of Jadore-Fashion has also admitted to car outfit changes! Haha.
Some bloggers are fortunate to have their significant others who have enough time and interest to take their everyday outfit posts, but that's a select few. 
To be honest, some of the outfits you see me wear are "outfit ideas" and I did not necessarily wear them to go somewhere. I always mention them on my Instagram page. I could wear the pieces separately, but not necessarily together as pictured.

Yes, blogging is work but guess what, it's work I love doing and you've got to have fun with it!
So, if you're a blogger, what are some of your bloopers ??

SKinny Bish

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