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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Caribana 2014

It has come and passed and boy did it go by so quickly!! I'm talking about the largest Caribbean parade and festival in the world-Caribana!!
This year, I focused more on the cultural side of things versus the night life, haha. There is never a shortage of events to attend during Caribana and everyone from the NBA to the reality stars were in town for a weekend of food, fun and music!

 I was able to attend the full parade this year (no, I didn't spend 8 hours at the park) but I did stay for the Caribana King and Queen competition and also wandered around the entire park until I found away to get into the the restricted zone,lol. The things I do for the blog I tell you...

It's so cool to see so many women of different ages and body types flaunt what they've got an be proud of the Caribbean culture. Got me thinking I may actually join the parade next year...Hmmm.

At first I was standing behind a fence and watching tons of people jump over to get into te actual fun zone...until I kept walking...and walking...and found an entrance! Yay! No more pictures behind the fence!

anddd my outfit :)

Enjoy the colorful pictures! Until next year Caribana!

SKinny Bish!

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