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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Myriad of colors

 What joy was mine when designer ZnaK, winner of last year's Student designer competition at the 2013 African Fashion Week Toronto asked me to pull a piece from her latest collection to style.  
I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to this skirt because, well, the colors are so bold and un-apologetic; exactly how I feel whenever I wear this skirt!
I even wore this skirt to work and no matter where I go, people stare because it's that gorgeous!!!
ZnaK can whip this same skirt up for you in minutes, all she needs are waist and height measurements and boom! You're turning heads :)

P.S. I'm currently going through some tough struggles but I have faith that all will turn out well. No need to mope on the blog and I'll keep on posting until further notice.

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